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KID KLOK: The easy to read educational clock invented by Dom Massaro, a professor and expert in cognitive psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, applied both psychological and ergonomic principles to improve the traditional clock dial. His KID KLOK segregates the hour and minute components of time and creates a simple visual association between the numerals and the hands through size and color. This reduces the confusion and frustration young students experience while learning and using analog time.

Two Free Books on Time.

Time to Learn About Time invites children and adults to explore together the fascinating history of time measurement. Attentive to how language itself reveals the evolution of our conception of time, this delightfully illustrated book journeys from ancient sundials to water clocks, hourglasses, mechanical and, finally, atomic clocks. It makes a strong case for preserving and improving on “old fashioned” analog clocks, showing how useful they are and how much one learns from them about the nature of time. You can download a free copy of this book here.

Puzzles of Time: A Handbook for the New Millennium contains a wide range of accessible time-related problems and their solutions drawn from biology, astronomy, psychology, physics and the everyday life of reflective people. The book is meant to inspire and celebrate curiosity, encourage readers to ask hard questions, and invoke intelligence and imagination in grappling with mysteries. The 70 pages of this book are reader-friendly and guide inquiry through an engaging narrative. You can download a free copy of this book here.

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