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Make time telling fun and easy to learn. Your children will love this educational clock because it is fun and the Kid Klok has helped children world wide to master the art of time telling. The Kid Klok, praised by parents, teachers, and children, segregates the hour and minute components of time and creates a simple visual link between the numbers and the hands through size and color. This eliminates the confusion and frustration young students experience while learning and using analog time.

Kid Klok Easy makes the Kid Klok easier by keeping the hour hand on the exact hour number as the minutes change. The hour hand jumps to the next hour when the next hour is reached.

This Kid Klok gives the current analog and digital time on the same screen so your child will always know the time. To Play a Time, touch and drag the hands on the Kid Klok. The Digital Time changes as the hands are moved. The analog time can also be set by changing the digital time. Touch the hour or minutes on the Digital Time to show a Time Wheel. Move the Time Wheel and the analog time changes. The time can be spoken at any time when the Speaker Icon is touched.

The Kid Klok was invented and patented by Dr. Dom Massaro, patent number 4885731. This application was programmed by Andriy Bondarenko.