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Kid Klok on iPhone, iPad
It’s well known children have difficulty learning to tell time. At last, there is a simple solution to make it easy for children to learn how to read an analog clock. It is the Kid Klok designed by Dom Massaro, Ph. D.

Your child can learn how to tell time with the easy to read educational clock invented by Dominic W. Massaro, Ph.D. Dr. Massaro, a professor and expert in cognitive psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, applied both psychological and ergonomic principles to improve the traditional clock dial. His KID KLOK™ segregates the hour and minute components of time and creates a simple visual association between the numerals and the hands through size and color. This reduces the confusion and frustration young students experience while learning and using analog time.

With the Kid Klok, your student will quickly learn that the little blue hand goes with the little blue numbers, and the big red hand goes with the big red number. Thus, if your student can read a digital clock, they will be able to read the Kid Klok.

This Kid Klok gives the current time so your child will always know the time. To play, move the hands on the Kid Klok to show a time. The Digital Time changes as the hands are moved. This time is spoken when the Speaker Icon is touched. Touch the Digital Time to show a Time Wheel. Move the Time Wheel to the desired time. Touch Show Time and the Kid Klok shows the time.

When you see a time on a real clock, move the hands of the Kid Klok to match the time. This will give the digital time and spoken time. By matching, you can read any clock anywhere.

Or use the Kid Klok on the iPad, iPhone, or iPad for just $.99. Learn more at the Kid Klok web site.

Kid Klok can now be enjoyed on Android tablets and phones.

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